It All Started With A Chance (or not) Encounter...

In 2021, our family got together and met with concern over how fearful, pessimistic and divisive our friends, neighbors and communities were getting. We decided that we were going to do something about it, the question was WHAT???

Shortly thereafter, on a routine visit to the local grocery store, the answer arrived. We met a young man and his dog sitting outside the store. We talked to him for a little while asking how he was doing, where he was living, and if he needed anything. This young man shared that he considered themselves to be "houseless", rather than homeless, because home is where your heart is. He then said "But you have to be Always Optimistic". His attitude was contagious. He became our inspiration and the reason why we believe that you can choose to be always optimistic. We had never seen him before, nor after this encounter.

We all need more fun, optimistic, adventurous people. Be one of them!